Antonio Riva-Inspired Blush Copper Design



A new cake design for a recent wedding showcase was inspired by the stunning gowns of Italian designer Antonio Riva. Having stumbled upon his work I couldn’t but be captivated by the sharp silhouettes and bold modern detailing.


Using silks and organza, and details such as bows and modern draping, the dresses are a work of art. Unfortunately they are apparently not available worldwide, with the best kept secret kept by the Italians!


My design wasn’t inspired by a particular dress but rather the overall design aesthetic. I wanted to capture the clean silhouette of the dresses in a tall blush lustred cake and the volume emphasised by blush draped ruffles.


I love metallics and added some copper foliage alongside the sugar roses, inspired by the metallic elements in some of the images of the bridal gowns.


A very simple cake but I hope, elegant, modern and sophisticated going some way towards reflecting the amazing inspiration!


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