How to Have a More Sustainable Wedding Cake

Chocolate layered cake and slice

How to Have a More Sustainable Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are a luxurious treat and a memorable addition to your wedding day. Of course like everything we consume, their production will have some impact on the planet. But there are small decisions that can be made to choose a more sustainable wedding cake. In today’s blog post I am sharing a few of my top tips.

1. Ask your supplier about their sustainability measures and any advice they may have

Many wedding cake suppliers are working to make their businesses and products more sustainable. From improving their supply chain, to greener energy, don’t be afraid to ask more about what they are doing so you can make informed choices. Your chosen supplier will also be a great first port of call for advice on minimising the impact of your wedding cake.

2. Consider a supplier who is as local as possible to your venue

It is important to choose a supplier who aligns with your wedding style and ethos. Most will have to travel a certain distance to deliver your wedding cake to your venue. Do however try to consider this transport cost by finding a supplier you love that is as close as possible to your venue. Do you really need to fly someone in?

3. Choose an appropriate cake size

Food waste can be a big issue with wedding cakes, and over-ordering will certainly contribute to that. Most wedding cakes are an additional treat after a beautiful wedding meal. As such only small portions are needed, and indeed not everyone may choose to take a slice. I recommend ordering 2/3 the number of portions as guests. Cake only has a short shelf life, so excess may end up being thrown out.

4. Make sure your cake is cut and served

Following on from the point above, it is important to ensure that your cake is served to guests to avoid it being wasted. I have heard stories of the cake not being cut at the wedding, and wonder what happens to it. If you think that it won’t all be eaten, do make a plan for what to do with leftovers. For example you might like to freeze the top tier, or serve the remainder to guests the next day.

5. Consider local and seasonal flavour choices, or vegan options

Choosing flavours that are in season may help reduce the food miles associated with your cake. Similarly vegan options may reduce the carbon footprint of your cake. Do ask your cake maker about options.

6. Avoid fake tiers

Fake tiers are often used in wedding cakes to give the illusion of a bigger cake, or for practical decorative reasons. However these are made from polystyrene and generally get thrown out. To avoid this waste, don’t ask for fake tiers, or if you do want to use them, ask your cake designer if you can return them to them so that they can be washed and reused.


I hope these tips were helpful! If you would like to receive more tips and other cake news, sign up to our mailing list today. If you want to find out more about how your wedding will impact the planet, I found this handy wedding carbon footprint calculator on Mindfully Wed.

Suzanne, x

Chocolate layered cake and slice



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